Midway: This film should be seen by the entire world

This heart touching video is about an island in the ocean at 2000 km from any other coast line. This video is a very meaningful and equally inspiring for both who are careful and careless about environment in any region and in any country all over the world.

Nobody lives, only birds and yet, you will not believe what you will see here. Let the world know what we are doing towards those birds. So, please spread it around the world. This video is going viral in U.S., Vietnam, Uruguay, Scotland and many other countries all over the world.

Please don't throw anything into the sea. Unbelievable, just look at the consequences.

* I uploaded this video on my YouTube channel and got 22,00,000+ views, 7000+ comments and 1600+ subscribers within 3 weeks but I had to delete that video from my YouTube channel due to some copyright issue.

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  1. I posted and shared this video. We do local cleanups here in Los Angeles, California, USA, but it is overwhelming. There is too much, too fast, and people really believe that if they don't throw it directly in the ocean they are not doing that much damage. But it gets there, because we keep using it. The majority of items I find on my cleanups are single-use, completely unnecessary "convenience" items- things we can so, so, so, easily do without. Ask yourself: are you willing to carry your own reusable food containers with you and switch to canvas bags? Is it really so hard? I hope we can all begin to think like the Good Samaritan- instead of saying "what will happen to our jobs if we stop using this stuff?" and ask "what will happen to those birds if we don't?"

  2. Nice to meet you.we are NGO earth that our team picking up garbage in Japan.
    We want to use movie that you made for our event.
    Our event is cleaning our city,Nagoya,Japan in 17-November
    So,we do not get benefit from your movie.
    May I use your movie?


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